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Family Trust

This segment is about not letting your family use you for their own
vain glory.Sometimes you have to cut them off it’s call tough love.
If you don’t it will cause you a set back @ your Bank Account expense.
Most family members are losers I know it’s harsh, nonetheless it’s true.

Thanks for viewing.
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This another segment from my new show called LETZ TALK.
This show is about love=relationships etc..
You be the judge. If you have any suggestions leave them in
the comment box.

Once again thanks for viewing.

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Cult of Personality

This is an audio taping of my new talk show called LETZ TALK.
Check out the audio on video via YouTube.

We are excited to bring you a new platform of righteousness.
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Lets get peoples attention on Real Life encounters.

Tell me what you think I’m all ears.

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Boxing the Ugly Truth

This is based on a True Story, about the real boxing rich’s.
Boxing is a lot like the music industry=Satanic.
I hope you enjoy this small piece promo.

The short film will showcase on YouTube @ 6/21/2013
So bookmark your calenders for the showing.

Thanks for viewing.
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I do read all comments. Good or Bad.

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