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When it’s Over

Do you love original recordings like me ?
Real Music is a must “right”
Check out this Funk/Pop-Recording.
All these song’s can be purchased @ under Yash Films and Qaraah keynotes.
Thanks for listening.
Yash Qaraah




I really love this video because it’s good to see another cultures
taken back the spoils. Besides USA!
So to Korea and Psy.
The Yash Family says. SALUTE…
Yash Qaraah/Yash Family™


Free Style Dance

Are you a dancer ? are a dub style free dancer ?
We make music for all, just let us know what you like.
And We will give you a style of your own!
Thanks for watching.
Yash Qaraah

Sometimes I Cry(from the forth coming-CD-Faith-Hope-Charity)

This tune was first cut in 2000 for CBS-Records.
It didn’t make the cut, however I was offered another contract.
And I decline! To this day A & R staffing have over 75+ of my tunes
in their catalog.
Please support Indie Music.
Thank you.
Yash Qaraah


This song is about time waits for no one.
This track was first recorded back in 1986.
Sent to Warner Brothers Records.
And a ton of A and R staff productions.
This is my life.
Thanks for Listening.

Please support Real Music!

Qaraah Works

Real Music- Over U(snippet)

This song is about a woman, who’s feed up
with all the lies and deceit.
Of someone she’s loves dearly.
vocals-by: Nava

Please support real Music!

Thanks so much for listening.
Yash Qaraah

Talent From Around the World!

Hello Family and Friends,
We thought we share with you some talent from the UK.
This young man is what we call a true song writer.
Thanks for watching.