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Boxing The Ugly Truth

This Documentary is a True Story. On The Rituals and Oath of Boxing. Most people had no idea that boxing is ran by Satanic Men of Power. The same men of power that control the Music Industry.

What you didn’t know is that most of the Super Bowls,Basketballs Games,Tennis,Golf,Hockey,Baseball,MMA etc.. are all controlled by the Elites.

They tell whom will win and whom will lose. I know this is a shock to you, nonetheless
just open your eyes and pay attention to what’s really going on.

(Download the Soundtrack-click link)

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Yash Qaraah/Qaraah Films™ ©20133



Boxing The Ugly Truth-Soundtrack-snippets

This is the official soundtrack to the up & coming short film.
Boxing The Ugly Truth. (have a listen before you download)

I hope the Fam likes….(click the amazon link below)

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Yash Qaraah/Qaraah Films™ ©2013

Buying Homes

The truth on buying homes, Believe it or not buying a house is nothing
but a debt collector=Making the 1% more wealthy billionaires.
I know a lot of Americans want get this because of their up
bringing. However all I can tell you is Mom & Dad lied to you.
And last do you really believe you will remain employed for the
next 32 years ???

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Yash Qaraah


My Tutorial on Music & Film

Check out my new Music & Film Tutorial Channel on You Tube.
check it out and share with a up & coming Artist/Composer.

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Qaraah Films™ Soundtracks Snippets Plays

Hello Family:
Have a listen to our showcase film soundtracks:
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Yagged Yack(Film Music)

Hello Music World,
Thank you so much for stopping by, Please have a listen to my tunes, I don’t sample nor re-make.
It’s all new, fresh, Oh so sexy. I try to be original at all times.
I will post links so that you can tell me how you love this side of REAL MUSIC.
Look for updates throughout the week. And last all of my tunes are on
Thanks again.
Yash Qaraah


Human Robot Dance

Wass up Family,
check out the rest of my Fam:
Talent don’t get no better than this.
Tell a friend a love one or two.
And last sit back be inspired.
This is dance @ a whole new level.

Talk to you soon…