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Leran How to Compose iMovie Films:

This is my Film Tutorial on how to produce,compose iMovie Films.
When making short still films or any other films you first must undergo
understanding on the software and the inns and outs of that software.

I will be using a feature fron iLife-11 called iMovie.
With this feature you are able to produce very skillful
ads,videos,YouTube videos, quality skillful productions.
Just take your time and be of patience of mastering the
functions of the software than you will be a “GURU”

Thanks for tuning in.

Yash Qaraah


3 responses

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    The Legendary Chi Lites Son Families Story Saga Of Music Legacy Corruption And Corruption(FOR RED’S SAKE) GIVE MORE POWER TO THE PEOPLE

    -Synopsis –

    The son of an R&B legend tells the incredible but true story of a family torn apart by greed, corruption and the systematic abuse of black artists in the United States. Darren Cubie grew up in St. Louis not knowing why assassination attempts, FBI investigations, and witness protection programs weren’t supposed to be a ’normal’ part of life. With the hall of fame success of the iconic soul group known as the Chi-Lites, Darren’s father, founding member Credel “Red” Jones came a terrible price. Like so many other black artists of the day, the devil was in the details in the form of contracts and agreements with the mob filtered thru corrupt record executives and banksters. The bitter ending of Creadel’s journey in 1994, penniless on the streets of L.A., has spurred Darren on to become a champion for artists everywhere who’ve suffered from this decades-old system of abuse.

    -Main Characters –

    Darren Cubie, founder of Entertainers Against Corruption tells the story of Creadel “Red” Jones of the iconic Chi-Lites, the horrific betrayal by his mother Deborah Jones and aunt Regina Cubie and a family ripped apart by an industry of greed. It is thru the telling of the tale that positive change is achieved.

    -Story Structure –

    The documentary will feature archival footage of classic Chi-Lites performances as well as references to several R&B icons both past and present (i.e. Jackie Wilson, the Jacksons, Beyonce). Primarily the story is about Darren’s survival in the face of this machine that threatened to grind him and his family into the dirt. The refusal to bend to the systematic abuse the led Creadel to his tragic demise is Darren’s mission – changing the system, one story at a time. Throughout the recollection of the sad past of Darren’s life should be a present-day bridge showing his efforts to reverse things on behalf of artists everywhere. The day to day hustle of being the voice behind Entertainers Against Corruption. Ultimately we should see Darren continue to recruit other R&B and industry stars to the cause to not let his story repeat itself.

    -Style –

    The flashbacks can have a lo-fi look to them and the present day footage can be shot in a stylized way with go pro kinds of cameras to capture the immediacy of Darren’s day to day mission.

    -Format and other production information –

    The documentary will be shot digitally and transferred to film for theatrical release. Locations: Chicago, St. Louis, Los Angeles. Timeframe: 1958-present

    September 17, 2014 at 4:24 pm

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